Celebrating 4th of July can sometimes be stressful for our pets. A 30% increase in lost pets occurs throughout the United States between July 4th and July 6th. The sound of fireworks makes many pets anxious, which results in some running away. These six tips will help you and your pet prepare for the holiday:

Updated ID Tags and collars – Update your pet’s ID tags with accurate information and leave their collars on.

Microchip –  Just 14%of all lost pets are returned to their owners, possibly due to a lack of proper identification. Having a microchip in addition to a collar tag will help someone find your pet’s home more easily. Talk to your veterinarian about microchipping your dog or cat. If your pet is already microchipped, make sure your information in the microchip registry is updated.

Make a safe space – Leave your pet in a safe, quiet, and escape-proof area if needed. You can set up a play area for your pet with their favorite toys, treats, and blankets (Tip: a shirt with your scent on it or leaving the TV on will help relax your fur baby!)

Keep away from hazardous items – Keep your pets away from fireworks, glow sticks, sparklers and other hazardous items. Lit or unlit, they contain dangerous chemicals, coloring agents and other irritants if injested. 

Be sure your pet stays cool –  If you’re celebrating outside, make sure your furry friend has lots of shady spots, fresh water and can easily get back inside to cool off if needed. 

Although we love our fur babies and want them to be a part of every special occasion, July 4th can be dangerous wtihout the proper precautions. By following these helpful tips, you can still enjoy your patriotic festivities knowing your pet is safe and comfortable!