Written by Liliana Kendall from Pet Paradise Jacksonville Airport

You’ve probably become inspired to clean and declutter your home after binge-watching Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. But don’t forget about who sparks the most joy in your life- your pet deserves some sprucing up too! Tidying up your dog’s life will simplify your life too. Here’s how you can include your pup into your spring cleaning routine:


Cleaning pet toys is a lot easier than you’d think!

  • Plush toys? Use an all-natural detergent or baking soda with white vinegar and toss them in the washer! Most plush toys are also dryer safe – just make sure to check their labels.
  • Plastic or rubber toys? Load them in the dishwasher with vinegar instead of dishwashing soap.


Chances are, Fluffy’s gotten a little too fluffy over the holiday season. What better way to pamper your pooch than with a grooming appointment? Your pup will come home with trimmed nails, clean ears, and a flattering haircut to make them look even more fabulous!

Veterinary Services

The average healthy pup only needs to visit their vet once per year. If your fur baby’s growing some greys, take them to the vet twice a year to be sure they’re in tip-top shape. Stay consistent with your pet’s vaccine schedule and dental cleanings to ensure a healthy pet!

Including your pet in your cleaning routine will definitely put a little spring in their step and freshen up those doggy kisses. A clean dog is a happy dog!